Simulator has multiple transducer outputs

-March 15, 2017

Battery-operated, Meggitt Sensing Systems’ Endevco Model 4830B handheld signal generator simulates the electrical output of common accelerometers to aid in setting up and troubleshooting data-acquisition systems, FFT analyzers, and environmental test systems. The 4830B provides multiple transducer outputs, including single-ended charge, differential charge, single-ended voltage, Isotron (IEPE), and TTL-compatible tachometer.

Parameters such as waveform type, frequency, sensitivity, acceleration (g), and tachometer ratio are adjustable. Simulation outputs are scaled in units of acceleration as mV/g or pC/g as appropriate. Outputs can also be configured to be proportional to units of velocity or displacement. The 4803B furnishes an onscreen vibration calculator, FFT input, and USB interface.

With the ability to create, store, and recall up to 40 preset simulation profiles, the 4830B allows users to easily perform repetitive verification and calibration with minimal input. The simulator can be configured from a PC or the unit’s front-panel keypad.

Shipped from stock, the 4830B accelerometer simulator costs $3599 and comes with utility software, twinaxial BNC plug, 10-32 to BNC adapter, universal power supply, carrying case, and USB interface cable.

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