LCR meters test up to 1 MHz

-March 24, 2017

B&K Precision expands its bench LCR meter family with the Model 894 and Model 895, offering test frequencies of 20 Hz to 500 kHz and 20 Hz to 1 MHz, respectively. These meters measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.05% basic impedance accuracy.

Both of the meters provide variable AC test signal levels from 5 mVRMS to 2 VRMS, a built-in DC bias source, and three AC current ranges via a selectable 30/50/100 Ω AC source impedance setting. Outfitted with a variety of remote interfaces, including a 36-pin handler interface, the instruments are well-suited for characterizing a wide variety of components in production and laboratory environments.

The 894 and 895 LCR meters each have a 4.3 in. color LCD that displays both primary and secondary measurements, along with all test signal parameters. In addition, the units provide auto-level control, DC resistance measurement, a bin sorting function with pass/fail indicator, cable length compensation, and a 201-point programmable list-sweep function.

The Model 894 and Model 895 cost $3625 and $5525, respectively, and carry a three-year warranty. Each unit comes with Kelvin clips, shorting bar, and 4-terminal test fixture for measuring axial and radial lead components.

Model 894/895 product page

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