Wire strain gages take the heat

-April 02, 2017

ZWH, ZWN, and ZWP series free-filament wire strain gages from Micro-Measurements operate at temperatures of up to 1500°F, 1600°F, and 1900°F, respectively. The gages allow high-reliability measurements of both dynamic and limited-static strain for testing gas turbine engine blades and components, automotive exhaust and transmissions systems, spacecraft propulsion systems, and in-chamber environmental testing.

Each series offers unique application advantages. In applications where a compensating grid is used to achieve limited-static strain measurements, the iron-chrome-aluminum alloy ZWH series is recommended. When optimal fatigue life is desired, the Nichrome-V alloy ZWN series is typically specified. For those applications where requirements call for a combination of the highest possible oxidation resistance and the highest temperature measurement capabilities, the platinum-tungsten alloy ZWP series fills the bill.

All of the free-filament wire gages have 120 Ω resistance and are packaged with a fiberglass-reinforced segmented tape carrier, which holds the grid and lead patterns intact during installation. They are bonded using either ceramic cement or Roxide flame spray.

Prices for the ZWH, ZWN, and ZWP series of free-filament wire strain gages start at $376 for a package of five gages.

ZWH, ZWN, ZWP series datasheet

Micro-Measurements, www.vishaypg.com/micro-measurements

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