SiC MOSFET handles up to 1000 V

-April 16, 2017

Wolfspeed offers the C3M0120100K silicon carbide power MOSFET for renewable energy, electric-vehicle battery charger, high-voltage DC/DC converter, and switch-mode power supply applications. The C3M0120100K provides a maximum drain-source voltage of 1000 V and a continuous drain current of 22 A at 25°C.

The MOSFET is housed in a four-lead TO-247 package with a separate driver source pin. A notch between the drain and source pins increases creepage distance to 8 mm to support the operation of higher voltage discrete devices. An intrinsic body diode offers low reverse recovery charge of 154 nC and reverse recovery time of 16 ns. Other specifications for the N-channel enhancement-mode device include an on-resistance of 120 mΩ, total gate charge of 21.5 nC, output capacitance of 40 pF, and maximum junction temperature of 150°C.

The C3M0120100K SiC power MOSFET is available from distributor Richardson RFPD. In lots of 1000 units, the C3M0120100K costs $5.79 each in lots of 1000 units.

C3M0120100K product page


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