Power analyzer captures fast transients

-April 18, 2017

A three-phase power quality analyzer, the MPQ1000 from Megger records power, energy, RMS, sags, swells, and transients down to 1 µs in both scope and DVM modes. It also performs waveform analysis to the 128th harmonic in real time.

With a CAT IV 600 V rating and IEC61000-4-30 Class A compliance, the handheld MPQ1000 is a useful tool for troubleshooting, compliance testing, and energy audits. The unit automatically detects the current clamp, recognizes its range, identifies the nominal voltage, and sets the triggers. In addition, it verifies that the analyzer is connected properly to the DUT. Measurement ranges include a voltage range of 0 to 1000 VAC/VDC and a current range of up to 6000 A (current transformer dependent).

An external SD card is used to store up to 32 Gbytes of data. All data recorded can be viewed on the MPQ1000’s color VGA display, or it can be transferred to Megger’s power quality analysis software via a USB cable, USB stick, Ethernet, or directly from the SD card. The free software automatically creates custom configurations and performs automatic data analysis. It also allows the creation of custom analysis templates that can be loaded into the analyzer.

The MPQ1000 power analyzer costs $7250.

MPQ1000 product page

Megger, http://us.megger.com

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