Octal ADC has picoamp input buffers

-April 19, 2017

Linear Technology’s LTC2358-18 SAR ADC eliminates the front-end signal conditioning circuitry normally required to drive unbuffered ADC inputs. This 18-bit converter’s integrated picoamp input buffers achieve a combined component savings of three amplifiers, six resistors, and two capacitors for each of its eight channels. The device not only reduces board space and BOM cost, but also offers a 40% savings in power consumption, according to the manufacturer.

Picoamp inputs and a CMRR of 128 dB over a 30 Vpk-pk common-mode range enable the LTC2358-18 to directly connect to a wide range of sensors without compromising measurement accuracy. Each buffered channel of the LTC2358-18 is programmable on a conversion-by-conversion basis to accept ±10.24V, 0V to 10.24V, ±5.12V, or 0V to 5.12V unipolar, bipolar, fully differential, or arbitrary input signals.

The ADC dissipates 219 mW when converting eight channels simultaneously at a throughput rate of 200 ksamples/s per channel. Nap and power-down modes reduce power dissipation at slower throughput rates. Specifications such as a maximum integral nonlinearity of ±3.5 LSB, no missing codes at 18 bits, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 96.4 dB make the LTC2358-18 well-suited for industrial process control, test and measurement, power-line monitoring, and motor control applications.

Prices for the LTC2358-18 housed in a 7×7 mm, 48-lead LQFP start at $25.95 each in lots of 1000 units.

LTC2358-18 product page

Linear Technology, www.linear.com

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