Tri-axis sensor embeds pedometer

-June 11, 2017

The K126 16-bit tri-axis digital accelerometer from Kionix integrates a step detector and step counter, yet minimizes power consumption. Housed in a tiny 2×2×0.9-mm LGA package, the K126 offers user-selectable g ranges of ±2 g, ±4 g, and ±8 g and output data rates of up to 25.6 kHz.

According to the manufacturer, the KX126 uses pedometer, free fall, and directional tap/double-tap algorithms optimized for low power, adding less than 100 nA compared to an accelerometer running without these functions. This is a fraction of the power that would be consumed running a pedometer algorithm on an external MCU.

The KX126 supports normal, fast, and high-speed I2C communication up to 3.4 MHz and SPI communication up to 100 MHz. It also includes a 2048-byte FIFO buffer, allowing motion data to be captured in seconds or minutes, while the rest of the system sleeps. High-speed sampling at up to 25.6 kHz enables the detection and capture of fast, high-frequency motions, and a high-resolution wakeup/motion detection algorithm is capable of detecting as little as 3.9 mg of motion.

Budgetary pricing of the KX126 is $0.70 each in lots of 1000 units.

KX126 product page


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