IGBT module handles 150 A

-July 23, 2017

Infineon expands its family of IGBT modules with the EconoPIM 3, a package that allows the current rating to be increased from 100 A to 150 A. The EconoPIM 3 IGBT module provides a blocking voltage of 1200 V and enables higher power density within the same footprint for such industrial applications as motor controls for drives in elevators, escalators, fans, and pumps.

EconoPIM modules leverage Infineon’s Trenchstop IGBT 4 technology, which achieves a maximum operating temperature of 150°C. Modules are characterized by the integration of multiple functionalities. Each contains a three-phase rectifier, a brake chopper, a three-phase inverter stage, and an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor for temperature measurement. In addition, the housing is equipped with a standard size base plate that enables the modules to be used as drop-in replacements for existing designs.

The 1200 V/150 A EconoPIM 3 comes with either solder pins or press-fit pins and is optionally available with a preapplied thermal interface material. Sold through distribution, the device costs about $202 each in lots of 25 units.

EconoPIM 3 product page

Infineon Technologies, www.infineon.com

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