Single-die LED delivers 1700 lumens

-August 01, 2017

Housed in a chip-scale package, Lumileds’ Luxeon V LED produces more than 1700 lumens at 5700K and 70 CRI (color rendering index) at 4.8 A—50% higher output than competing LEDs, according to the manufacturer. The device’s patterned sapphire substrate CSP is just 4×4 mm and enables high efficacy at high drive currents, as well as high lumens/mm2.

Luxeon V has a nominal drive current of 1.4 A, but can be driven at up to 4.8 A, one of the highest drive currents in the industry. Thermal resistance of only 0.8°C/W permits the use of smaller heat sinks for sleeker, more compact fixtures. In addition, an optimized radiation pattern delivers high-intensity beams from smaller optics. Luxeon V LEDs offer a choice of CCTs (correlated color temperatures) ranging from 3000K to 6500K and operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +130°C at 1.4 mA.

To ease design and assembly, the LEDs use a standard three-stripe footprint. They can be used in such applications as high and low bay lighting, outdoor stadium and area lighting, and spotlights. Each LED is expected to cost about $2 from authorized distributors.

Luxeon V product page


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