IoT sensor determines air quality

-August 06, 2017

An environmental sensor from Bosch Sensortec, the BME680 measures indoor air quality, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and ambient air temperature. All four sensors are housed in a single 3×3×0.95-mm LGA package for use in both mobile and stationary IoT applications, such as smart homes, offices, and buildings; elder care; and sports and fitness wearables.

The gas sensor within the BME680 detects a broad range of gases in the parts per billion range, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. When measuring pressure and altitude, the BME680 is accurate to within ±12 Pa and ±1 m, respectively. The integrated device has a temperature measurement range of -40°C to +85°C and relative humidity range of 0% to 100%, as well as an offset temperature coefficient of 1.5 Pa/K.

Operating from a supply voltage of 1.71 V to 3.6 V with a 1 Hz data refresh rate, the BME680 typically consumes 2.1 µA when measuring humidity and temperature; 3.1 µA when measuring pressure and temperature; 3.7 µA when measuring humidity, pressure, and temperature; and 0.09 mA to 12 mA for pressure, humidity, temperature, and gas, depending on the operating mode. Average current consumption in sleep mode is 0.15 µA.

The BME680 is sold through distribution at a price of approximately $6.90 each in lots of 1000 units.

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