Buck regulator is 105 V input-capable

-August 06, 2017

An input range of 4.4 V to 105 V enables Linear Technology’s LTC7103 regulator to operate from a continuously high-voltage input source or an input that experiences high-voltage surges, eliminating the need for external surge suppressors. The synchronous step-down switching regulator also integrates internal power switches that deliver up to 2.3 A of continuous output current. These features make the device useful for 48 V automotive, 36 V to 72 V telecom, avionics, and military applications.

Reducing EMI/EMC emissions to very low levels, the LTC7103 easily passes CISPR25, Class 5 limits without sacrificing efficiency. The regulator achieves efficiencies of up to 96% when regulating a 12 V output and over 90% when regulating a 3.3 V output. Switching frequency can be set between 200 kHz and 2 MHz or synchronized anywhere within this range using the LTC7103’s internal phase-locked loop.

The part draws 2 µA of input quiescent current when regulating the output voltage at no load, extending battery operating life in always-on applications. Other features include a minimum on-time of 40 ns, a maximum duty cycle of 100%, and eight pin-selectable fixed output-voltage set points that include commonly used rails from 1.2 V to 15 V.

Housed in a 5×6-mm QFN package, the LTC7103 is offered in three temperature versions: -40°C to +125°C, -40°C to +150°C, and -55°C to +150°C. Prices start at $4.50 each in lots of 1000 units. All versions are available from stock.

LTC7103 product page

Linear Technology, www.linear.com

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