System basis chip combines DC-DC converter, CAN interface

-October 25, 2010

Unterpremstaetten, Austria– Designed for next-generation automotive applications, austriamicrosystems’ AS8650 is a smart power management System Basis Chip (SBC) that combines a DC-DC converter and a high-speed transceiver on one chip.

The AS8650 features high efficiency of 85% minimum over all operation use-cases, while high integration reduces cost, space and development time for engine control units (ECU) with a high-speed CAN interface.  The company plans to roll out a pin-compatible IC with a LIN interface in 2011.

The AS8650 SBC includes three LDOs with programmable outputs from 1.8 V to 3.3 V. Each LDO is powered by the embedded DC-DC converter, which can supply up to 500 mA to power the microcontroller, sensors, actuators and other components. Integrating the DC-DC converter reduces power losses compared with commonly used voltage regulators that convert the automotive battery voltage to 5 volts, the company said.

Key highlights:

  • DC-DC converter for 5V output with efficiency higher than 85%
  • 3 programmable voltage regulators
  • High-speed CAN interface (ISO 11898-5)
  • Brown-out indication and output voltage monitoring
  • Configurable watchdog functions for start-up, operation and standby
  • Remote and local wake-up
  • Automatic thermal shutdown protection
  • Operating temperature range from 40 °C to +105°C
  • RoHS conform
  • Lead-free 36-pin 6 x 6 mm QFN package

Pricing: $5 each in 1ku

Availability: Sampling now; production is targeted for Q1 2011. 

Datasheet: Click here.


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