Pico teams data logger with Raspberry Pi

-September 03, 2012

Pico Technology’s DrDAQ single-board data logger now works with the Raspberry Pi, adding 17 I/O channels to the credit-card-size computer board. When connected to the Raspberry Pi, DrDAQ forms a data-logging system that can be integrated into a custom Linux application.

DrDAQ offers access to a 100-kHz oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, four digital I/O lines (two with pulse-counting input and PWM output), 24-bit RGB LED, built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, microphone and sound-level sensor, resistance-measuring input, and pH/redox sensor input. There are also three inputs for Pico’s own sensors or for custom devices that you can build yourself. DrDAQ requires only a single USB connection for data and power.

A free Debian GNU/Linux driver for the Raspberry Pi and C++ example code are available for downloading at http://labs.picotech.com/#raspberrypi. For more information about the Raspberry Pi, go to www.raspberrypi.org.

Pico Technology, www.drdaq.com

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