Raspberry Pi control and display interface is plug and play

Julien Happich -November 04, 2013

The PiFace Control and Display announced by Farnell element14 is a new accessory for the Raspberry Pi that allows users to control the computer and see information without the need for a separate screen or keyboard.

The unit sits neatly on top of the Raspberry Pi and uses its own on-board buttons and a navigation wheel to control applications and functions, with information shown on a built-in LCD display. By separating the Raspberry Pi from the traditional monitor, keyboard and mouse combination, PiFace Control and Display improves mobility, saves valuable space and power and means the credit card sized computer can be used in many different locations and even controlled via an infrared remote control.

PiFace Control and Display information page

Visit Farnell element14 at www.premierfarnell.com

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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