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Brian Bailey is an independent consultant working in the fields of Electronic System Level (ESL) methodologies and functional verification. Prior to this he was the chief technologist for verification at Mentor Graphics. He is the editor for the EETimes EDA Designline and a contributing editor to EDN. He has published seven books, given talks around the world, chairs international standards committees (is he crazy), and sits on the technical advisory board for several EDA companies. He graduated from Brunel University in England with a first class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering (yes – he is another Brit, so of course he is crazy).


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  • 07.31.2013
  • Who was the inventor?
  • Actually, that does matter. The people named as the inventors must be the ones who came up with the idea. It must include everyone who was material in the invention and nobody else.
  • 07.23.2013
  • Fab lite, Design lite
  • Mea Culpa - I was told this by a reliable source, but you are right. When I checked on Wikipedia they had this to say on the subject: The credit for pioneering the fabless concept is given to Bernie Vonderschmitt of Xilinx and Gordon A. Campbell of Chips and Technologies. The first fabless semiconductor company, the Western Design Center, was founded in 1978. Xilinx, founded in 1984, was the first to "truly" separate the design of chips from their manufacture.
  • 07.09.2013
  • Renaming embedded systems
  • The problem with this definition is that I know a cell phone has a computer in it, while others may not. This means that to some it is and others it is not an embedded system. It may be that those who don't know - don't care.
  • 05.16.2013
  • The truth about Cloud security
  • Yes - I have started to see tools emerge that have a nice split between the client and server sides and some of them ensure that the complete data only resides on the client side. The user is then able to put in place any form of data security (be that backups or storage in the cloud) independently of their execution environment.
  • 04.10.2013
  • Which is better - graphics or text?
  • I am not sure Xilinx intends to replace text with graphics entirely - only for IP assembly. The blocks themselves will still be defined using HDLs, although C, C++ and SystemC will be added into the mix.
  • 04.02.2013
  • Chip design – it’s not rocket science
  • Are people still using liquid rockets? I thought they were generally considered more expensive to create and maintain and thus had been largely replaced by solid rockets. Do the same flame fronts exist in those?