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  • 05.14.2013
  • Intelligent LEDs will dramatically improve nighttime driving
  • One needs to be clear about standards of glare limits from a head lamp source when in dipped and hi beam conditions. Also how sensitive the sensors will be to difference in band of intensities which cause the glare. Any body can guide on such standards.
  • 04.06.2013
  • Ensure long lifetimes from electrolytic capacitors: A case study in LED light bulbs
  • History is of great help. We have seen this in India where several thousand versions of Integral Plug In CFLs were made without any consideration for Electrolytic capacitors leading to large scale failures. Lot of users in rural areas switched back to Incandescent bulbs. Same is happening with LED integral with Power supplies. The answer lies in quality Power supplies and separate LED modules without extraordinary constraint on space. One of the best articles I have come across on EDN
  • 11.07.2012
  • Fundamentals of Energy Metering
  • Wonder whether the energy meter is actually a 3 entities being multiplied by a microcontroller at the very basic level.Replace the input to the cuurent sensors and you can have 3 entity multiplier.Have I got it wrong??