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  • 12.10.2013
  • Thinking in math
  • So, I never knew that the many designs I drew with a Spirograph were made up of circular "curtate cycloids". Maybe a Spirograph set could be occasionally and briefly used/mentioned in math class to make things a little more interesting.
  • 01.30.2013
  • How about some water power?
  • I recently experienced the power of fluid inertia after cleaning our pool filter. I forgot to open the valve on the downstream side of the filter before turning in the pump. A split second after turning it on there was a pop and spraying water coming from the side of the filter enclosure. I had split it open. It is getting older and I think it has been getting weaker... but still. The split was only about 5 inches long, so I got out my fiberglass resin and cloth and put some good layers on the inside and outside. A new filter is on the way, but this one seems to be holding in there. It might be nice to have a pressure relief valve on these filter enclosures for events like this. It would be interesting to see what the pressure curve looked like between the time when the pump came on and when the split happened. I'm thinking about adding a pressure sensor and a SBC to the filter in the future so it can constantly record pressures and alert me when it's time to backwash the filter... among other things. Once that's in place, why not add a temperature and pH sensor?
  • 01.03.2013
  • Has Thomas Edison ultimately won the DC vs AC power transmission controversy against Tesla?
  • I'd like to see the efficiency factors for converting from AC to DC and then back again for a multiple-100 kV transmission line. And then I'd like to see the reliability and longevity of the equipment required to do this. Also, why is a transmission line more efficient for DC than for 60 Hz AC? It may be, but it's not explained. This whole idea seems ridiculously impractical and unlikely.
  • 10.29.2012
  • Why does flicker matter?
  • Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks this about the new LED tail lights. When your eye moves across the view of them, the strobe effect is extremely visible and distracting. I also notice it with my LED holiday light strings. The bluish color is kind of annoying, also. Maybe we can write to an automotive safety committee in the government and try to get them to mandate all auto lights to be non-flickering (no high frequencies, either).
  • 11.18.2010
  • The devil and the deep blue sea
  • Speaking of using silicone grease... That's exactly what I recently thought of using to prolong the life of our strings of holiday lights that get used outside. This year we had an especially bad failure rate for the many strings that we pulled out of storage boxes and tested before putting up. It looks like the culprit is corrosion of the fine lamp wires that get bent over the 2 sides of the little, plastic lamp base. Some of them that I pulled out were so brittle from corrosion that they literally broke off when being pulled from the socket. Has anyone ever tried pulling all the bulbs and putting silicone grease in the string sockets? Also, is there a really good source for bulk quantities of replacement string bulbs? I think I'll try it this year since I really don't want to replace all the strings every 3-4 years here in Florida. That could get a bit expensive considering how many we are using all around the roofs, dormers, wreaths, trees, etc.