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  • 05.27.2013
  • Foxhole radio
  • the wire is bare and is coiled around the graphite to make contact. You can lay the graphite on the edge of an upright blade as well I strongly recommend you buy a germanium diode, 1N34 or such as these home made things can be very frustrating
  • 04.15.2013
  • Audiophile heaven
  • cleanest amp I ever heard was push-pull pair of 2A3 driving a horn.
  • 05.13.2013
  • Hams and flea markets
  • Ham club holds it altho some non hams get in which is good in my book.
  • 03.08.2013
  • What should NASA do next?
  • If you want to get people interested in mastering space you might try telling them the truth about the real threat of visiting meteor clouds. 40 cities were destroyed in the Bronze Age, over 500 events. In the Carolina Eddas there are in excess of 10,000 craters. Look for Cambridge Conference online hosted by Benny Peiser. You are in for a shock.