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  • 05.17.2013
  • Gears are discovered on the Antikythera mechanism, May 17, 1902
  • This device could indicate a prior advanced civilization here on earth. Maybe a civilization even more advanced than we are. There are other examples of higher knowledge, like the batteries in various places. Globes that emit light even after centuries. I may be uneducated but logic (which I do score high in) indicates I may be right. Too many "coincidents" that can't seem to be explained any other way. With sudden near total annilation there would be survivors scattered around the globe. Some of those could be scientists, etc that would bring their knowledge until their death. This knowledge would soon die off and the repopulation of the planet would start over in ignorance. Even the Bible alludes to this idea of prior civilizations. God told Adam and Eve to go forth and "replenish" the earth. This indicates there was something before, else why the choice of the word "replenish" rather than "populate".