Wireless networking will cover the world

-July 19, 2016

The next 60 years of wireless and networking technologies will be exponentially more exciting than the first 60 years. As radio frequency (RF) bandwidth becomes consolidated under that banner of the worldwide right of every citizen to connectivity, the technologies of photonic LiFi, peer-to-peer communications, and low-orbit satellite integration for back-haul will unify the Earth.

Flexible smartphones

Source: Nokia

Flexibility will be an option on all components in the future so that devices can be shaped for different purposes. The Nokia flexible, transparent smartphone shown above can be shaped into a wrist bracelet or be flattened out for desktop use. The small insert ring allows the user to view functions, such as who is calling, without taking the entire phone out of ones briefcase, backpack, or handbag. The white ring can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a carry-bag strap or another convenient wearable.

  1. Flexible smartphones
  2. Graphene transistors
  3. Wearables
  4. Intrusion tolerant networks
  5. Remote control
  6. Software-defined radio
  7. Connected cars
  8. 5G to 10G
  9. RFID tags
  10. Artificial neural networks
  11. Omnirelevance

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