Apple teardown and analysis collection

- July 02, 2012

What makes Apple so great, anyway? EDN looks at the designs that give Apple products their shine through hands-on teardowns and analysis of popular Apple consumer electronics in this collection of content.


WWDC 2017: Apple still short on breakthroughs

  • 06.07.2017

Despite iPad, iMac, SoC, and Siri updates, the key themes from WWDC 2017 were incremental half-steps, prematurely unveiled me-toos, and hardware obsolescence by design. Read More...

What's wrong with this MacBook Pro battery?

  • 11.09.2016

This laptop battery works fine to a point, and then flat-out fails, when disconnected from its AC adapter. Read More...


Patent diving: Apple’s OLED plans

  • 10.19.2016

Sometimes it’s hard to get a pulse on how certain technical challenges will be overcome, but for top companies with loads of competitors, patent diving yields a spotlight on potential solutions. Read More...

Did Apple offer enough to make you upgrade?

  • 09.12.2016

The most recent updates to Apple's iPhone and Watch products may not be enough to compel users to upgrade just yet. Read More...


Apple MacBook gets a new battery

  • 06.21.2016

Replacing a laptop's built-in battery often isn't hard, and can tangibly extend its usable life, just make sure you've got decent tools and instructions on your hands. Read More...


Apple WWDC 2016: Banality and predictability

  • 06.15.2016

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference has always had a heavy focus on nuts-and-bolts versus splashy news, but this one felt particularly mundane. Read More...


Apple vs FBI: When privacy and safety collide

  • 04.05.2016

Where do you weigh in on Apple’s refusal to unlock the iPhone for the FBI? Read More...


Apple's "Let Us Loop You In" not exactly surprising

  • 03.22.2016

Although there were no big surprises in Monday's Apple intro event thanks to supply chain and developer leaks, the event wasn't completely drama-free. Read More...


Could test and measurement crack Farook's iPhone?

  • 03.17.2016

Test and measurement may be essential to reading the data on Farook’s iPhone. The idea of a massively parallel hack is explored.Read More...


What might we expect from the next Apple event?

  • 03.17.2016

What hardware and software updates will Apple be looping you in on at its event next week? Here are some possibilities. Read More...

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