Calibration and metrology

- July 19, 2012

Measurements are meaningless without reliable measurement instruments. Calibration assures engineers that their equipment is properly compared to known good reference standards. Those reference standards are then compared with even better standards, a path that flows to a national or international reference standard. Metrology--the science of measurement--relies on proven techniques to keep the calibration chain intact.


Calibration: It's what's not in the water that counts

  • 05.05.2006

Ask any New Yorker why New York bagels are so famous and you'll likely hear, "It's in the water." Whatever is in the water may be good for bagels, but is bad for temperature calibration. The impurities that make New York bagels taste good, like all impurities, affect the triple point of water (TPW)—the temperature and pressure where water exists in solid, liquid, and vapor forms in equilibrium, all at the same time. Read More...

Here come the lawyers

  • 05.01.2006

If the lawyers have their way, you won't keep your measurement and calibration data as long as you would prefer. Why? Because some lawyers may force the destruction of calibration data that proves product quality in an attempt to dismiss any chance of liability. Read More...

Automation cuts calibration time

  • 06.01.2004

Optical power-monitoring devices must be calibrated to accurately convert light into current. Read More...

Calibration's standard bearer

  • 03.01.2004

A peripatetic career lands T&MW's Test Engineer of the Year at Hewlett-Packard's metrology lab. Next stop, the moon?Read More...


In defense of calibration

  • 08.01.2003

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems keeps weapons on target with 20,000 electronic calibrations each year.Read More...

Calibration simplified

  • 04.01.2003

The Fluke 8508A reference multimeter won Test & Measurement World's Test Product of the Year Award.Read More...

Periodic checks attest to accuracy

  • 01.01.2003

Use self-diagnostics, self-calibrations, and check standards to ensure test equipment operates at peak performance.Read More...

Certify calibration technicians

  • 11.01.2002

Many professions have certifications for people who work in that field. Take engineers, for example; degreed engineers can become registered professional engineers. Technicians in many fields can take certification exams. But those who work in calibration currently have no such exam. Thanks to a new program, that's about to change. Read More...

New wavelength calibration standards available from NIST

  • 06.26.2002


Take Good Care of Your RF Calibration Kits

  • 05.01.2000

When you measure reflections in transmissions at RF and microwave frequencies with a network analyzer, you can reduce measurement uncertainty if you calibrate your measurement setup using known standards. Read More...

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