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Linear Technology- April 29, 2015

Linear Tech's Design Note inserts were a popular tear-out feature of EDN's print edition, so we're continuing the practice online (LTC is now part of ADI).

Design Notes are not just ads or datasheets, but provide a deeper insight into the part in question, and frequently offer up a creative, Design Idea-like use.

We hope you continue to enjoy this EDN feature.


Simple 3.3V power backup supply: ADI Power by Linear Design Note

  • 10.26.2017

Simplify backup supplies by employing low cost electrolytic capacitors as the energy storage component, leveraging higher energy density by running at much higher voltage than the supply rail. Read More...


LTC Design Note: Lower power op-amp: Utility sine wave

  • 09.28.2017

Learn how micropower parts running at 3V or less can nonetheless generate a very high purity sinewave. Read More...

LTC Design Note: Low power op-amp: Low power filter, headphone driver revisited

  • 08.31.2017

With great GBW:power ratio and low voltage operation, these op-amps enable many applications, including audio & headphone drive. Read More...

LTC Design Note: 60V Low Iq buck has adjustable gate drive

  • 07.31.2017

High efficiency, low Iq, and its signature programmable gate-drive voltage, distinguish this dual-buck controller. Read More...

LTC Design Note: High-voltage, high-efficiency, positive-to-negative converter

  • 07.03.2017

A highly versatile converter, featuring programmable frequency, a 150V input range, and outputs to –60V. It simplifies the design of automotive and industrial supplies with control signals referenced to host ground. Read More...

LTC Design Note: High efficiency, 15V rail-to-rail output synchronous step-down regulator can source or sink 5A

  • 05.29.2017

The LTC3623 step-down regulator enables compact POL solutions that can source or sink 5A without significant thermal mitigation. Power capability is easily expanded by paralleling devices.Read More...

LTC Design Note: 560V Input, no-opto isolated flyback converter

  • 04.28.2017

This switcher operates at a wide input voltage range of 18V to 560V, delivering up to 15W of isolated output power. It requires no opto-coupler, and includes rich features such as low ripple burst mode operation, soft-start, programmable current limit, undervoltage lockout, temperature compensation, and low quiescent current.Read More...

LTC Design Note: Bidirectional DC/DC regulator and supercapacitor charger

  • 03.30.2017

Combine a supercapacitor charge controller with a robust DC-DC to make a wide input-range supply with transient ride-out.Read More...

LTC Design Note: Low EMI LED Driver features 2A, 40V synchronous switches for automotive lighting

  • 02.28.2017

Versatile & quiet LED driver for automotive & industrial.

LTC Design Note: Uncompromised clocking solution for 16bit 2.5Gsps DAC

  • 01.30.2017

System performance & phase noise depend on clock as much as DAC quality.Read More...

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