Bogatin's Rules of Thumb

- September 24, 2014

All of Eric Bogatin's "Rule of Thumb" articles.


How much mode conversion is too much?: Rule of Thumb #32

  • 09.14.2016

Differential to common-mode conversion as miniscule as -60dB can cause EMC test failure. Read how to improve your odds.Read More...

How much common current is too much?: Rule of Thumb #31

  • 09.09.2016

Watch out for the EMC failure mode caused by mere microamps. Read More...


What is the resonant frequency of a cavity?: Rule of Thumb #30

  • 07.19.2016

Cavity resonances in PCBs are easily overlooked, and can result in crosstalk and EMI.Read More...


What is the spatial extent of an edge?: Rule of Thumb #29

  • 07.06.2016

If you really want to build your engineering intuition about signal integrity, the most important principle you can apply is the Zen approach, “be the signal”.Read More...

What is the aspect ratio for 50Ω stripline?: Rule of Thumb #28

  • 05.17.2016

All 50Ω symmetric striplines in FR4 have the same aspect ratio.Read More...

What is the aspect ratio for 50Ω microstrip?: Rule of Thumb #27

  • 05.04.2016

All 50Ω microstrip lines in FR4 have the same aspect ratio. Using a 2D field solver, we can explore what this ratio is for a specific value of Dk and conductor thickness.Read More...


What is the ringing period on an unterminated line?: Rule of Thumb #26

  • 03.13.2015

The relation between ringing period and line length is derived.Read More...


How much is impedance affected by an adjacent trace?: Rule of Thumb #25

  • 02.18.2015

Line spacing affects impedance as well as crosstalk. But by how much?Read More...


When to worry about trace corners: Rule of Thumb #24

  • 02.04.2015

We all know never to use 90 degree corners in PCB traces. But is this really a concern?Read More...


When to worry about a capacitive discontinuity: Rule of Thumb #23

  • 01.21.2015

Capacitive discontinuities will act as RC filters with the impedance of a line, introducing single-pole filters, decreasing the signal bandwidth, and increasing the rise time of a signal.Read More...

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