Designers of Things

EDN staff- September 26, 2014

The Designers of Things conference is the only conference dedicated to Wearable Tech, 3D Printing, and IoT. DoT is filled with expert insights, networking, and training and much more. This is a collection of content from before, during, and after the event. Also included below is coverage of previous years' events.

DoT 2016 will be held in San Jose, December 2 & 3, 2016.

The Designers of Things conference is managed by UBM, EDN's parent company. Follow updates about DoT on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Smart IoT mining device wins IPSO Challenge

  • 12.04.2015

Aimed at making mining safer, the Smart Rockbolt took first place in the IPSO Challenge for IoT and smart objects. Read More...

How to fix the problems facing the Internet of Things

  • 12.04.2015

The Internet of Things is broken and needs ARM-based field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to fix it, an expert told engineers at UBM’s Designers of Things conference. Read More...

IoT Security Spartans wanted

  • 12.03.2015

Security Spartans are needed for connected IoT medical devices. Superheroes are also welcome. Read More...

Securing medical in the IoT

  • 11.24.2015

Hacker Jay Radcliffe shares his thoughts on the Internet of Things and medical devices, how security needs to be engineered into medical devices, FDA oversight, and more.Read More...

DoT call for proposals, registration open

  • 06.26.2015

The IoT, wearables, and 3D printing-focused Designers of Things conference has also partnered with the IPSO Alliance to call on entrepreneurs, makers, students, and professional engineers to submit designs using IP. Read More...

7 alternative hacker boards

  • 09.24.2014

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great, well-utilized DIY boards for hacking just about anything you want to design. But if you’re looking for an alternate hacker board, here are seven presented at this week’s Designers of Things conference. Read More...


Design as a craft, not a commodity

  • 09.24.2014

Gadi Amit, founder and principal designer of NewDealDesign, discusses his views on the changing world of design as electronics enter the age of wearables and Internet of Things, and from his personal perspective in working on the FitBit, Lytro Camera, and Google's new modular and 3D printed Ara phone. Read More...


Engineering the pitch

  • 09.19.2014

So you want to start your own company or have an outstanding new device to bring to market. That’s great. But where do you begin? Read More...

Designing for wearables: Tremendous opportunity but not without challenges

  • 09.18.2014

The wearables space is wide open and exploding with opportunity, but that does not come without design and sourcing issues – issues some believe could be alleviated in part the strength of the maker community and an open-source approach to this segment.Read More...

Be ready for changes in engineering

  • 09.17.2014

Engineers will soon find themselves able to quickly, cheaply, and accurately design and build what they’d like, even if what they’d like to build is their own company. Read More...

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