Slideshow: Remembering Jim Williams and Bob Pease

-June 22, 2012

Here is an awesome tribute to Bob Pease and Jim Williams which my colleague Paul Rako, now with ADI, sent to me.

It was created by Analog Devices Fellow Chris Mangelsdorf. He was appointed as a Fellow in 1998 (

Fran Hoffart took many of the pictures. He worked at National Semiconductor from the Widlar days and then went to Linear Technology where he is now an application engineer. He is the unofficial photographer of Silicon Valley.

We certainly all feel the absence of these two unique mentors. Each had their own special sprinkling of their personalities and humor added to their tutorials and commentaries and these photos bring out that uniqueness is a grand way.

The presentation also shows a side of each of these guys that will endear them to us forever and create an indelible image in our minds whenever we read their works.

I can hear Bob now saying, "What’s all this tribute stuff, anyhow?"

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