MEMS design inclusion event

-November 07, 2012

As I sit here, early on an Arizona Autumn morning, I look around me and spot people jogging and people using their smart phones. I am right in view of a gorgeous, lush green golf course in the middle of the desert with geese circling it, then landing on the fairway. I can’t help thinking about the MEMS Executive Congress I am about to attend and how all of these things I see this morning somehow are affected by MEMS technology!

STMicroelectronics has digital filtering technology to improve accuracy in smart phones and other devices that design in the advantage of the pedometer/GPS integration for pedestrian navigation system (PNS) and pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) systems. The advantage of PDR is that the position accuracy relies mainly on estimations of the number of steps (counted by the accelerometer) and the length of the steps (calculated by the pedometer algorithm, which can be calibrated by the GPS).

Virtus Advanced sensors has the K-Vest by K-Motion Interactive which uses multi-axis sensors to analyze a golfer’s swing to diagnose faults and optimize movement.

K-Vest in action

As MEMS “for the birds”, “Microbat,” the first electrically powered palm-sized Ornithopter used the study of flapping-wing flight in the wind tunnel using wings developed by MEMS technology.

Microbat prototypes

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There are so many more applications that MEMS technology can improve and being at this MEMS Executive Congress in the next two days will bring to light some of the latest innovations!

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