Best Design Ideas of 2013Q3

-November 20, 2013

We're starting a new feature here at EDN Design Ideas. Every quarter (3 months), the best DIs of the previous quarter will be featured in a special Design Ideas article just like this one.

How will I choose the best? It will be a combination of page views, community interest (that's you), and my judgement, all mixed together using a secret formula. No, don't ask. It's secret.

So, without further ado, here is your first collection: Best Design Ideas of 2013Q3. I'll say only that they are in order of page views, starting with the highest, but otherwise, no ranking is implied.

Novel Q-meter
Louis Vlemincq

The complex schematic for this DI looks like it belongs on an IC. If you're looking for some serious bedtime contemplation, here it is.

Voltage-to-period converter improves speed, cost, and linearity of A-D conversion
Jordan Dimitrov

There are many approaches and variations to A-to-D conversion, and this one promises low cost and good accuracy.

Soldering iron driver bridge controls temperature
Kiril Karagiozov

An interesting temperature control loop is featured here. This circuit is of definite interest to those of us with home labs on tight budgets – homebrew a quality soldering station on the cheap.

∑-∆ Isolation amplifier transfers low frequencies across barrier
Francesc Casanellas

Medical and industrial settings often call for galvanically isolated signals, and this DI does the job.

Voltage-to-Current converter offers precisely defined dead-band
Marián Štofka

Need a little deadband in your control system? Read how this DI can improve performance.

Multiple PSUs share load
Vardan Antonyan

Sharing a load amongst multiple power supplies is not a trivial exercise, so get some help from this DI.

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