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-September 13, 2013

You may be seeing this post because you were looking for The Connecting Edge. As its former editor, I'm here to tell you that while The Connecting Edge’s sponsor may have moved on, we haven’t abandoned you but have instead guided you to the next best thing: the Components and Packaging Design Center on EDN.

Over the last year on The Connecting Edge, we discussed a great deal about connectors, cables, passive components, circuit protection. cooling, failure analysis, silicon waveguides on circuit boards, and PCB construction.

All of this connects nicely with the Components and Packaging Design Center, led by EDN’s executive and chief technical editor, Rich Pell - himself a huge advocate for all the devices it takes to get a system to work. I'll still be contributing here regularly, so I look forward to keeping up wtih you and your stories.

With my own 20-year background is in test and measurement, I'll also be a regular contributor and editor for EDN’s Test & Measurement Design Center.  

So, now that you've found the Components and Packaging Design Center, give it a look. You'll find how-to articles, product briefs, design ideas, teardowns, expert blogs, and any anything else we can devise to help you get your job done.

As I look at the C&P Design Center's page, I see several articles that you'll find interesting based on your experiences at the Connecting Edge. See the list below. Enjoy and feel free to contact me at or your Components & Packaging editor Rich Pell at

New circuit board technologies meet the challenge of digital power

·         How to select precision resistors for 4–20 mA current loop

·         Sensor basics: Types, functions and applications

·         Component obsolescence: Is your process up to the challenge?

·         Six road blocks in high-voltage connector design (and how to overcome them)


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