Teardown: A tiny drone and its controller

-May 23, 2016

Latest-generation drones now cost around $1,000, if not more. Too rich for your blood? How about $100? Or how about ... $10? Seriously! Back in February, I picked up a Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter for that price from bargain site Meh. Ok, I confess ... I picked up two CX-10s, plus a SJ230 mid-size helicopter (hey, I had to amortize the $5 fixed shipping charge).

The SJ230 awaits a future dissection; today's victim is the CX-10, plus its companion wireless controller. I'll begin with a few packaging shots:

Inside, you'll find the drone, its companion charging cable, its wireless controller, and a decent-content instruction manual, along with four spare props:

The charging cable is pretty clever; it glows while charging is active, and the LED (I assume) extinguishes when it's complete:

And here's a closeup of the drone, focusing on the connector that the charging cable plugs into, plus the power switch:

A few other views follow, some including my thumb for size-comparison case. On the underside shots, note the Lithium-ion Polymer battery peeking through what I presume are ventilation holes. I therefore don't recommend dunking the drone in a lake (or given the drone's size, a glass of water, for that matter):

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