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-June 29, 2012

Virtual Analog Computer (VAC) Starter kit

See EDN article "A virtual analog computer for your desktop" for more details.

To download, right click here for ".rar" file or here for ".zip" file.  (If you’re using Internet Explorer, select “Save Target As…”;  If you’re using Firefox select "Save link as...")

After downloading the file, remove the “.txt” extension (by renaming the file).  You can then unzip the file.

This kit will allow you to run the analog computer program "Figure 6" in LTspiceIV.

STEP 1:  Copy the contents of FOLDER1 into the directory

C: \ Program files \ LTC \ LTspiceIV.

STEP 2:  Copy the contents of FOLDER2 into the directory

C:\ Program Files \ LTC \ LTspiceIV \ lib\ sub.

STEP 3A: Create a new folder named "AutoGenerated" (if it does not presently exist) as follows...

C: \ Program Files \ LTC \ LTspiceIV \ lib \ sym \ AutoGenerated

STEP 3B:  Copy the contents of FOLDER3 into the "AutoGenerated" folder.

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