Wonders of 3D printing: 10 uncommon things printed in 3D

-August 02, 2013

3D-printed cars

If you are going to live in a 3D-printed house, you’ll want a 3D-printed car to park in the driveway.

KOR EcoLogic’s Urbee is among the select few cars embracing 3D printing. The company is crowd-funding and self-tasked with creating the greenest car on Earth.

Its first model, released this year, relied on a light-weight, 3D-printed body to encase its hybrid motor.

A second prototype, Urbee 2, is being engineered to safely mingle with traffic and shelter two people in the 3D printed vehicle. It is expected to hit the road in 2015, when it will be driven across the United States from New York to San Francisco on 10 gallons of bio-fuel. Doing so would set a world record.

Design notes on the Urbee 2 can be found here, and technical specifications can be found here.

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