Wonders of 3D printing: 10 uncommon things printed in 3D

-August 02, 2013

3D print your unborn baby’s face

If you can’t wait nine months to see what your unborn baby will look like, Fasotect can help.

The Japanese company can create a 3D printed model of a fetus based on a 3D sonorgram or simply a mask of the baby’s face using ultrasound.

While the joyful gimmick is still relatively unknown, it’s picking up steam.  Don’t be surprised if these 3D-printed models begin showing up in OBGYN offices and at baby showers near you.

  1. Need a new heart? Print one
  2. 3D printed meat; it’s what’s for dinner
  3. 3D music to my ears
  4. 3D print your unborn baby’s face
  5. Say cheese!
  6. 3D-printed guns
  7. 3D printing takes flight with quadcopters
  8. NASA sends 3D printing into space
  9. Building on the moon (and here on Earth, too)
  10. 3D-printed cars

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