Slideshow: Top LED Design Center Articles—First Half 2013

-June 27, 2013

You found them interesting, compelling, informative and just downright good. Here’s a recap of the top 12 articles so far this year on the LED Design Center with enough info to show why they were so well read. Want to read them again, or miss them first time around? No problem. Click on the headline and voila!

1. Slideshow: Cool LED Design for Hot 2013 Cars

One of the longest design cycles on the planet involves automotive design, primarily because of retooling. Today, however, vehicles are being upgraded, differentiated, and enhanced in other ways—specifically lighting. While this has been a trend over the past couple of years, 2013 vehicles are particularly representative of some pretty cool lighting changes—pun intended.

This slideshow focuses on automotive lighting and is a combination of articles, products and news to show the challenges and solutions—with particular emphasis on very recent lighting design to hit the street. Let’s start with LED headlamps.

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