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-July 18, 1996

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Out in Front:July 18, 1996

Code generator completes OO design suite

The Code Genesis tool from SES Inc automates the translation step in object-oriented (OO) design, which allows software developers to create robust code by starting with a system model. After simulating the model to ensure that the system behaves as required, developers can use Code Genesis to translate the working model to C++.

Code Genesis is the final piece of the company's objectbench design suite, which includes the objectbench Editor ($5000) for creating the system models and the objectbench Simulator ($20,000) for verifying the model's accuracy. The Code Genesis tool includes a graphical model that helps organize the templates that map model notation to code and tools to customize the templates and design environment. Code Genesis costs $44,000.

—Richard A Quinnell

SES Inc, Austin, TX. (512) 328-5544,

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