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-December 22, 2010

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Inaugurated in 1991, the Test & Measurement World awards program honors excellence and innovation in test, measurement, and inspection products. For the 2011 awards, we have once again reviewed many commendable products nominated by vendors and have selected the finalists for the Best in Test and Test of Time awards.

Below, we list the Best in Test finalists in 16 categories. To be eligible for the 2011 Best in Test awards, a product or service must have been introduced between November 1, 2009, and October 31, 2010. You can click on the link at the end of each category to read descriptions of the finalists.

We will announce the 16 category winners in our May issue. The product that receives the most overall votes will be named the 2011 Test Product of the Year.

We have also selected 10 finalists for the annual Test of Time award, which honors a product that continues to provide state-of-the-art service five years or more after its introduction.

The voting for the 2011 Best in Test awards has concluded, and we announced the winners during a ceremony held on May 4, 2011, in San Jose, CA.

2011 Best in Test Finalists

ATE/production test

  • APx515 Production Test Audio Analyzer
    Audio Precision
  • Di-050-22 Digital Test Instrument
  • FLS980Dxi Flying Scorpion Probe System
  • Neptune 2 Automated Drive-Test System
  • SigmaSure Software
    Camstar Systems
  • WriteNow! Multiple In-System Programmer
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Bus analyzers

  • DPO4USB Module USB 2.0 Bus Analyzer
  • Investigator for Serial RapidIO Protocol Analyzer
    Absolute Analysis
  • TLA7SAxx Series Logic Protocol Analyzer
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Compliance/environmental test

  • Fluke 810 Vibration Tester
  • ONYX Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
    Haefely EMC
  • Quanti MGHI Multifunctional Test Instrument
    Finero USA
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Data acquisition

  • CompuScope EON Digitizers
  • DNA-AI-217 Analog Input Board
    United Electronic Industries
  • DT9824/DT8824 Data-Acquisition Module
    Data Translation
  • LGR-5320 Series Dataloggers
    Measurement Computing
  • ProDAQ 3416 Analog Input Module
  • PXI-2022 Data-Acquisition Card
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Design for test and boundary scan

  • CCI-689 Functional Test/Programming Station
    Circuit Check
  • Nebula Software for On-Chip JTAG/IJTAG IP Development
  • Powered Framescan Tool
  • ScanWorks DDR3 Memory Toolkit
    Asset InterTech
  • TIC020 TAP Interface Card
    Goepel Electronic

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Instruments, handheld and bench

  • 1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers
    Fluke Calibration
  • 381 Remote Display Clamp Meter with iFlex
  • EX845 MeterLink Clamp Meter
    Extech Instruments
  • FCA3000 and FCA3100 Timer/Counter/Analyzers and the MCA3000 Microwave Counter/Analyzers
  • MX Series Programmable Power Source with Power Sink Option
    Ametek Programmable Power
  • PocketPico Picoammeter
    Ix Innovations

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Instruments, modular

  • Ai-760B VXI Analog Test Instrument
  • GX5295 100-MHz PXI Digital Instrument with PMU
    Geotest—Marvin Test Systems
  • GX5960 PXI Digital Subsystem
    Geotest—Marvin Test Systems
  • M9018A PXI 18-Slot Chassis
    Agilent Technologies
  • M9502A and M9505A AXIe Chassis
    Agilent Technologies
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Machine vision and inspection

  • Piranha HS 12k 90-kHz Camera
  • TeraFabHT Reticle-Defect Inspector
  • TOM In-Line Optical Inspection System
    Goepel Electronic
  • TR7007 Solder-Paste Inspection System
    Test Research

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Network and fiber-optic testers

  • OFL280 FlexTester Multifunction OTDR and Optical-Loss Test Set
    AFL Telecommunications
  • TestCenter Mobile Backhaul Tester
    Spirent Communications
  • Xcellon Flex 10-GbE Tester
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Network test software

  • Resiliency Score
    BreakingPoint Systems
  • Studio Scale
    Mu Dynamics
  • Test Suite for IPv6
    Mu Dynamics
  • TestShell 4.3
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  • Infiniium 90000 X-Series
    Agilent Technologies
  • PicoScope 6000 Series
    Pico Technology
  • WaveMaster 8 Zi-A
  • ZT4620 Series
    ZTEC Instruments
  • ZT8441 RF/IF Digitizer
    ZTEC Instruments
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RF/microwave test

  • CS9000 Broadband Signal System
    Aeroflex Test Solutions
  • EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA Emulator
  • M9392A PXI Microwave Vector Signal Analyzer
    Agilent Technologies
  • MS272xC Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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Semiconductor test

  • Archer 300 LCM Metrology System
  • Integrated Power Device Solution
  • Tessent YieldInsight Software
    Mentor Graphics
  • V93000 HSM3G Production Test System
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Signal sources

  • 9640A-LPNX RF Reference Source
    Fluke Calibration
  • Model 4034 50-MHz Dual-Channel Pulse Generator
    B&K Precision
  • Signal Injectors
  • SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzer
  • WaveXciter Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators
    Tabor Electronics
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Wafer probing

  • S-Technology Pyramid Probe Cards for Production Test
    Cascade Microtech
  • V93000 Direct-Probe Solution
  • VueTrack Technology for Unattended Over-Temperature Test
    Cascade Microtech
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Wireless test

  • AirCheck WiFi Tester
    Fluke Networks
  • eAirAccess I-RAT Test Solution
    Spirent Communications
  • EAST500 LTE Capacity Test System
    Aeroflex Test Solutions
  • Field-to-Lab Solution
    Azimuth Systems
  • MS2830A Signal Analyzer
  • ZT8101 RF Test Set
    ZTEC Instruments
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