Nikola Tesla slideshow: Images and articles from Tesla's writings

-September 13, 2012

John Ratzlaff compiled 25 years of research on Nikola Tesla in his book, “Tesla Said” (now out of print with one used copy on Amazon last time I looked for $350). The book is a collection including photocopies of original newspaper and magazine articles and other documents written by Tesla from 1888 to 1939.

In this slideshow, we present a sampling of images and excerpts from this collection, which are all obtainable on the Internet. The image files included here were graciously provided by John Piliounis, a physicist/electronics engineer in Athens, Hellas (Greece).

Some examples of the articles in this book include:

  • "On the Dissipation of the Electrical Energy of the Hertz Resonator"
  • "Application of Tubes of High Illuminating Power to Photography and Other Purposes"
  • "The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wire As a Means for Furthering Peace"
  • "Nikola Tesla's Plan to Keep 'Wireless Thumb' on Ships at Sea"

For even more Tesla books, see Twenty-First Century (TFC) Books at

Gary Peterson, owner/operator of TFC is an avid Tesla enthusiast and has a great background in the Tesla saga in modern times. Gary has been involved with the efforts to save the Wardenclyffe Lab and runs the website and has aligned with the Tesla Science Center

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Nikola Tesla is born, July 10, 1856

From "The Tesla Alternate Current Motor" in The Electrical Engineer, June 22, 1888.

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