What you need to know about IBIS 6.1

-September 22, 2015

IBIS Algorithm Model Interface (IBIS-AMI) models use dynamically loaded executables to provide very fast simulation of serializer/de-serializer (SERDES) signals, combined with reasonable intellectual property protection. These models have become ubiquitous, having provided fast and accurate simulations since 2007. The recently ratified IBIS 6.1 specification makes complex serial link analysis faster and more accurate than before.

At DesignCon 2000 Dr. Howard Johnson presented Multi-Level Signaling, proposing that between two approaches to doubling digital data rates, signal-to-noise ratio would be better preserved by doubling symbol data content using modulation schemes such as four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4), than it would by simply doubling the symbol rate. Today, PAM4 signaling is fast becoming a key technology for delivering high-speed signals across systems, and the new IBIS 6.1 specification standardizes how PAM4 models are developed and used by simulation tools.

IBIS-AMI Parameters Simplified
IBIS 6.1 adds a new AMI_Resolve IBIS-AMI interface to make user control of SERDES buffer parameter settings easier to use, even without reading the manual. IBIS-AMI models will offer users simple controls and freedom from pitfalls, such as accidentally setting impossible combinations of transmitter drive strength and tap coefficients.

Package Models for Power Integrity
Also new are enhancements making it easier for model makers to specify the power delivery portion of package models. Expect to see new IBIS 6.1 package models with features for more accurate power integrity analysis.

Availability of models and EDA tools for new IBIS features always depends partly on the IBISCHK “Golden Parser” program and source code. The IBISCHK6  program is the reference standard for checking that an IBIS model is syntactically correct. Some EDA tools use the IBISCHK6 source code directly. The IBIS Open Forum expects IBISCHK6 with IBIS 6.1 updates to be available in October. Get ready to ask for IBIS 6.1 models!

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