Makers to watch: 5 stand-outs from World Maker Faire

-September 30, 2015

The Third Industrial Revolution

If you can foresee a future when robots will be as much a part of the societal landscape as tablets and smartphones are now, Haddington Dynamics is a start-up to watch.

Launched just last week at MakerCon (the maker conference ahead of World Maker Faire), Haddington came to the New York Hall of Science with Dexter, a high-precision, high-performance 3D-printed, open-source robotics platform powered by advanced supercomputing technology.

Dexter's design comes from Kent Gilson, company co-founder and a pioneer in FPGA-based reconfigurable computing with a strong background in supercomputing. See Dexter's board and robotic arm with Gilson below.

The robot's impressive force feedback, which Gilson demonstrated at World Maker Faire, helps it achieve 50 micron repeatability and feather light touch, making it applicable to tasks including 3D printing, CNC (computer numerical control), and PCBA (printed circuit board assembly). With the right tools and instruction, Dexter could build its own duplicate.

Haddington Dynamics
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