Makers to watch: 5 stand-outs from World Maker Faire

-September 30, 2015

Get to know Qtechknow

Quin Etnyre is smart, successful, and one of the most curious engineers I've ever come across at a Maker Faire. He attended his first Maker Faire in 2011, discovered Arduino, and has built his own company, Qtechknow, for his embedded electronics line.

Most recently Qtechknow successfully funded the Qduino Mini, an Arduino-compatible tiny board with a battery charger and monitor. To do so, Etnyre raised $45,000 and shipped on time with SparkFun just last month. And did we mention he's 14?

The first time I met Etnyre was at an Atmel-sponsored panel on the Arduino and maker movement, where he demonstrated his Fuzzbot, a sensor-enabled mini mobile robot with a cleaning cloth attached to its end to pick up dust and dirt off floors.  At this World Maker Faire, the teenage maker was showing off a camera linked to a portable printer fitted with thermal paper (like the kind used to print receipts)—sort of a new spin on instant photos.

On a side note, hats off to Atmel for finding this diamond in the rough when Etnyre was just starting out, encouraging him, and helping him grow his own knowledge and brand.


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