In honor of those engineers and technicians who work weekends

-March 27, 2012

"Red Eye Jedi"
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“Red Eye Jedi” is a song for the engineers and technicians who have spent weekends on the road fixing problems. All too often, these trips come up at the last minute, ruining weekend plans.

The inspiration for the song came from when I worked for a company that made measurement-and-control systems. One Friday afternoon, a call came in from an ice cream company that used one of your systems to monitor freezer temperature. The customer said in a voice kind of like Darth Vader, “This factory must run.” I expected to be driving north for a few hours that night. It didn’t happen because the company had purchased the system from a reseller, who addressed the problem.

The “red eye” part of the song comes from the fact that I have flown many a red-eye flight from California to Boston over the years.

Tell us your “Red-Eye Jedi” stories. I’m sure you have some.

Red Eye Jedi was recorded on February 23, 2012 at Melville Park Studio, Boston, MA.

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