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- May 08, 2010

The editor of the Power Management DesignLine comments on power management in electronics design. Bill Schweber is the editor of the Power Management Designline. He can be reached at Twitter: AnalogBill


Is wireless recharging's day finally here?

  • 07.04.2010

We have wireless communication everywhere, and will one form of wireless power transmission soon also become common? Read More...


Don't diss the LDO

  • 06.23.2010

The low dropout regulator is a valuable tool in the power-supply roster; don’t assume its "drawbacks" should automatically rule it out of your design.Read More...


Wake up and smell the numbers

  • 06.18.2010

When you are talking about energy and alternatives, it's important to start with solid numbers first and then work down from thereRead More...


Goodbye, incandescent bulb--or maybe not?

  • 06.11.2010

Before we rush to get rid of incandescent bulbs, we should honestly acknowledge their virtues, as well as the shortcomings of electronic alternatives Read More...


RF-based energy harvesting is "back to the future" again, but with a twist

  • 06.09.2010

"Free" energy, captured from the RF around us, is a new idea and also an old one but there is a mirror-image aspect to it, as well Read More...


My "fans" want to know: what's the thermal impedance of dust?

  • 06.04.2010

A layer of dust on heat-sink fins causes all sorts of headaches and noiseRead More...


Power-saving processor strategy is a tough call

  • 05.29.2010

The obvious solution may not be the best, but the analysis is also trickyRead More...

Power-saving processor strategy is a tough call

  • 05.27.2010

The obvious solution may not be the best, but the analysis is also tricky Read More...

Clever mechanical design enables energy-saving bulb control

  • 05.21.2010

It takes more than circuitry and software to make a viable photosensitive bulb controlRead More...

How about hydraulic wind turbines?

  • 05.15.2010

This interesting alternative design offers advantages but also has drawbacksRead More...


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