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- March 21, 2012

Review the moments in tech history important to engineers with the EDN Moments blog.


1st rover lands on the moon, November 17, 1970

  • 11.17.2017

On this day in tech history, Lunokhod 1 became the first roving remote-controlled robot to land on an astronomical object beyond the Earth when it soft-landed on the moon. Read More...


Fleming patents vacuum tube, November 16, 1904

  • 11.16.2017

On this day in tech history, English engineer John Ambrose Fleming received a patent for the thermionic valve, better known as the vacuum tube. Read More...


Intel 4004 is announced, November 15, 1971

  • 11.15.2017

On this day in tech history, Intel announced the 4004, the first general-purpose programmable processor on the market, and its chipset. Read More...


Apollo 12 hit by lightning at launch, November 14, 1969

  • 11.14.2017

On this day in tech history, NASA’s Apollo 12 launched and was struck by lightning as it began a successful mission to the moon.Read More...

1st laser designs are outlined, November 13, 1957

  • 11.13.2017

On this day in tech history and according to a 38-year patent fight, the laser was invented by Gordon Gould. Read More...

Turing Machine paper is published, November 12, 1937

  • 11.12.2017

On this day in tech history, Alan Turing published a paper on what would later be renamed the Turing Machine, an abstract engine that provided the fundamental concepts of computers. Read More...


Einstein patents a refrigerator design, November 11, 1930

  • 11.11.2017

On this day in tech history, physicists Leó Szilárd and Albert Einstein received a patent for an absorption refrigerator that didn't require electricity to operate. Read More...


The computer virus is born, November 10, 1983

  • 11.10.2017

On this day in tech history, a graduate student introduced a self-replicating code that could gain control of a system, which became known as a computer virus. Read More...


Einstein wins 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, November 9, 1922

  • 11.09.2017

On this day in tech history, Albert Einstein was recognized for his work on the photoelectric effect. Read More...

Jack Kilby is born, November 8, 1923

  • 11.08.2017

On this day in tech history, one of the most influential inventors in modern electronics, Jack Kilby, was born. Read More...

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