Signal Integrity

- March 21, 2012

Signal Integrity is written by Howard Johnson, PhD, of Signal Consulting. Howard frequently conducts technical workshops for digital engineers at Oxford University and other sites worldwide. Visit his Web site at


Seek inspiration

  • 06.24.2013

Longtime EDN columnist Howard Johnson looks back at several decades of his work and what set him on the road to engineering.Read More...


Why reflections happen

  • 05.10.2013

Throw a rubber ball hard against a concrete wall. The ball bounces. You have just experienced a reflection.Read More...


Measuring nothing

  • 04.11.2013

If you want to master that art of digital design, "Measure not the thing you know; measure naught."Read More...


Measuring shadows

  • 03.19.2013

Measurements never reveal the thing you wish to know, only the shadow of that thing.Read More...


Ground loops

  • 12.18.2012

Single-point grounding provides isolation between localized regions.


Body and soul

  • 11.27.2012

Music stimulates parts of your brain critical to creativity and insight.Read More...

Nickel matters

  • 10.23.2012

A process called SMOG (solder mask over gold) keeps your metallurgists happy, but what about signal quality?Read More...


10 measurements defining signal integrity

  • 05.10.2012

All of these problems harbor subtle difficulties, as well as sparkling gems of insight. Master them, and you will become a guru of the art.Read More...

DC-blocking-capacitor performance

  • 04.05.2012

A dc-blocking capacitor must not distort the data that passes through it.Read More...


Welcome to Signal Integrity

  • 03.25.2012

Howard Johnson’s “Signal Integrity” column will now be a blog to allow for more conversation and idea exchange in the comments section.Read More...

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