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- March 21, 2012

EDN contributor Brian Dipert exposes, analyzes and opines on diverse topics in technology.


Mesh networking: setting up Google OnHub-based Wi-Fi

  • 11.06.2017

Here’s one way to transform your mesh network aspirations into reality. Read More...

Is it time to upgrade to mesh networking?

  • 10.23.2017

Mesh networking promises to bring real value to the upgrade process, thereby resulting in a price "crash" for alternative traditional convention networking gear. Read More...

HDDs vs SSDs: It's all about the random speeds

  • 10.09.2017

Interface transfer performance potential matters little if the storage media "behind" the interface is slow. And when it comes to system boot and application launch, sequential access speed isn't nearly as important as random access latency. Read More...


New vs used smartphones: Trying Google Pixel

  • 09.26.2017

Buying and using an already-used smartphone has benefits, but the approach is also hampered by plenty of downsides. See why this engineer decided to go brand-new this generational go-around. Read More...

Self-driving cars are stuck at idle, while driver assistance accelerates

  • 09.19.2017

Self-driving may be overhyped right now, but some remarkable ADAS features are already on the road, with more about to ship. Read More...


Tesla backlash shows misunderstanding of reality

  • 09.15.2017

Software-enabled hardware features, over-the-air updates, and common-platform design are becoming the rule, not the exception. Good or bad? Discuss. Read More...


Misbehaving hardware? Try swapping cabling or clearing settings

  • 09.11.2017

Before concluding that an intensive (and expensive) "fix" is your only option, make sure you exhaust all of the more elementary alternatives first. You might be surprised. Read More...

VPN: Proceed with caution

  • 08.22.2017

Privacy concerns have consumers considering VPN solutions, but think long and hard before you add VPN support to your networking equipment. Read More...


Media Center server update highlights CPU evolution

  • 08.21.2017

A program guide service transition prompts a corresponding server update, and system performance improvement thanks to CPU evolution. Read More...

Hacking a tablet to force an Android update

  • 08.08.2017

When a tablet gets stuck on archaic Android 4.4.2, a little hacking is required to get the device over the OTA-update hump to Android 6.0.1. Read More...

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