Engineering the Next Generation

- March 21, 2012

Focused on the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professionals, this blog explores the challenges and opportunities facing incoming engineers, as well as the “engineering crisis” that could be triggered as baby boomers exit the workforce. This blog also aims to connect new engineers to more experienced STEM professionals as a way of growing young careers and passing on the knowledge accumulated by veteran engineers over decades. Contributions to this blog come from engineers, professors, students, mentors/mentees, and EDN’s Suzanne Deffree, who moderates this blog. Contact her at if you wish to contribute a blog post.


When STEM becomes STEAM

  • 05.18.2015

Should we be adding "art" to the STEM – science, technology, engineering, math – initiatives?Read More...


Joe Hudy: 'Making' an engineering career

  • 02.13.2015

Well-known DIYer Joe Hudy discusses what it means to be a "maker" and how that fits into his skyrocketing young career as an engineer. Read More...

4 young engineers to know

  • 01.16.2015

Get to know these 4 young engineers who excel with their enthusiasm and accomplishments.Read More...


Meet an engineer mentor, be an engineer mentor in 5 minutes

  • 01.06.2015

If you are a young engineer looking for some guidance or an experienced engineer looking to pass along knowledge but are short on free time, check out this DesignCon speed mentoring session.Read More...


10 STEM holiday gifts for kids

  • 12.04.2014

Give the gift of geek this holiday season to the children in your life with these STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) goodies for kids. Read More...


Back to school essentials for learning tech

  • 09.05.2014

The STEM movement is full throttle. With classes and at-home STEM Education kits sprouting up all over the country, the next generation will have the tools needed to be the most innovative generation of the century. Read More...

Congratulations! It's a future engineer

  • 05.08.2014

A mom (and editor at EDN) wants to know what she can do to put and keep her newborn son on a STEM track. Read More...


Vote: 6 STEM programs that matter

  • 03.06.2014

As part of EDN's and EE Times' annual ACE Awards for excellence in electronics design, we want you to vote on the winner for the STEM Impact Award. Read More...

Rookie engineers ready for robotics rumble

  • 02.28.2014

With the help of some veteran FIRST competitors and a motivated mentor, students new to robotics have learned quickly what it takes to be an engineer.Read More...


10 engineering schools you should know but don’t

  • 02.25.2014

Here is a list of 10 up-and-coming colleges and universities for engineers. The list includes a wide variety of schools including liberal arts colleges and research universities. The focus is how well they prepare students for the job market.Read More...


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