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- March 21, 2012

Offering news and business analysis for the design engineer, EDN  filters the electronics industry's developments and trends to explain how what's happening in the board room today can impact the tech innovation of tomorrow.


Sponsored: Arrow launches free overnight shipment for all products in stock

  • 05.11.2017

Engineers need quick delivery of critical components and products to ensure that they can finish their tasks on time. Read More...

Get a hands-on tutorial in FPGA design at ESC Silicon Valley

  • 12.02.2016

Attendees will first create a Verilog representation of an LFSR, and then upload this (and an 8-bit MCU) into an FPGA-based Arduino-compatible development board. Read More...


Training a nation of Makers with 3D carvers

  • 06.20.2016

To get well-trained professionals, we need to get kids involved and interested in STEM early. Inventables is doing its part by donating 3D carvers to schools around the US. Read More...

Be a speaker at ESC Silicon Valley 2016

  • 06.14.2016

We encourage proposals from speakers with deep technical and practical expertise in embedded systems hardware, software, and firmware, as well as practitioners who have developed strategies for reducing time, cost, and complexity in the embedded development process. Read More...

ESC Boston 2016 in photos

  • 04.22.2016

See what you may have missed at ESC Boston with this photo recap of the event’s technical sessions, meet-ups, expo hall, and keynotes. Read More...

The Gerber behind the Gerber file format

  • 04.19.2016

At ESC Boston, David Gerber told the incredible story of his father, engineer and inventor H. Joseph Gerber, who escaped Nazi rule to pioneer computer automation in American industry. Read More...


Getting more out of our satellites

  • 04.15.2016

At ESC Boston, NASA’s Benjamin Reed laid out the plan to get more out of our satellites by sending robots up to service them. Read More...

Design like a maker

  • 04.14.2016

To create the technologies to make the future we want possible, designers should follow makers’ lead, according to ESC Boston keynote speaker Kipp Bradford. Read More...

How does the ESC "Hello There!” badge work?

  • 04.07.2016

Discover the cornucopia of apps that will be pre-loaded onto the wirelessly networked ESC "Hello There!" badges. Read More...

Learn about NASA’s Restore-L robotic spacecraft at ESC Boston 2016

  • 04.01.2016

Attendees to this keynote presentation will be introduced to Restore-L -- a robotic spacecraft designed to maintain other satellites. Read More...

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