- March 21, 2012

Senior Technical Editor, Steve Taranovich, will bring you the latest news, opinions and technical breakthroughs in power management on PowerSource, sometimes with a touch of sarcasm or humor to spice up your day.


How many MIT grads does it take to hook up a light bulb?

  • 08.30.2017

Engineers weigh in on the importance of teaching the principles of engineering as well as the practice. Read More...


Dead meters expose battery terminal design issues

  • 08.03.2017

When $1000 worth of meters die, an engineer must investigate and critique the design. Read More...


TI’s ‘Power Tips’ series is alive and well on EDN

  • 04.10.2017

EDN’s Power Management Design Center will continue the tradition of the ‘Power Tips” blog from Texas Instruments. Read More...

Measuring appliance power consumption

  • 03.07.2017

Most engineers like to be efficient and conserve. To that end, this engineer compared two ac power meters by testing them around the house. Read More...


Are we ready for fusion reactors in space?

  • 11.20.2016

NASA has been considering fusion power for many years as a readily attainable energy through heating and confinement of a deuterium-tritium plasma until the condition at which the plasma can heat itself. Read More...


ON Semi plus Fairchild Semi equals power management squared for designers

  • 09.19.2016

The combined resources of these two companies under strong engineering management and marketing direction will enhance their place in the power industry. Read More...

A unique energy improvement approach to solar-powered flight

  • 08.21.2016

How can we limit the pollution that all the passenger and private aircraft produce each day? Clean energy is coming. Read More...


Monkey business takes out a power grid

  • 06.11.2016

Power companies can be required to install blocking devices to protect large transformers and generators against EMP attacks or geomagnetic disturbances, but what about monkeys? Read More...


Why corona-free custom magnetics solutions are needed

  • 04.26.2016

VoltBoss corona-free transformers eliminate corona failure for voltages up to 4.5 kV on a 1 sq. in. footprint. Why is this important? Read More...

An ESA power system for ion propulsion engines in space

  • 03.20.2016

A neat design for power management using a 14 kW solar array for ion propulsion engines was developed for BepiColombo, an ESA mission to explore Mercury. Read More...

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