A Ham's Eye View

- June 01, 2012

Doug Grant received his first ham radio license from the FCC in 1967 and his BSEE in 1975. He has logged over 30 years in the semiconductor industry, mostly at Analog Devices, where he worked in engineering, marketing, and product line management for a wide range of analog, mixed-signal, RF and wireless products. He has also logged over 500,000 two-way contacts with other radio hams in every country in the world. Doug is currently an independent consultant specializing in semiconductor and wireless technologies.


Radiosport and Engineering at the Olympics of Ham Radio

  • 08.19.2014

The world’s best ham radio operators were invited to the same geographic area to test their skills at the Seventh World Radiosport Team Championship.Read More...

The ARRL’s 100th birthday

  • 07.09.2014

The American Radio Relay League is the national association for amateur radio in the US and this year it celebrates its 100th birthday. Read More...

Dayton Hamvention 2014

  • 06.04.2014

Every ham should attend the Hamvention at least once in his/her life. Read More...

Hams unite to communicate with Juno spacecraft

  • 04.22.2014

When the Juno spacecraft flew by Earth on its journey to Jupiter, the team behind the craft's receiver decided to try an experiment with the help of thousands of ham radio operators around the world. Read More...

This is the best of times, propagation-wise

  • 04.01.2014

If you are a ham and have been off the HF bands for a few years, it is time to get back on, because we are currently experiencing the best HF propagation in years.Read More...

Ham radio and the Internet, Part 3

  • 12.04.2013

Now for the ultimate use of the Internet for ham radio: online chat-room-type simulators that replace the radio with Internet connections.Read More...


Ham radio and the Internet, Part 2

  • 11.12.2013

Radio hams have discovered that they can connect their local computers to their distant radios and antennas and control their transmissions via the internet.Read More...

Ham radio and the Internet, Part 1

  • 10.23.2013

Some may think the Internet made ham radio obsolete, but there are actually more ham radio licenses now than ever before.Read More...

Wayne Green has left the building

  • 09.18.2013

Wayne Green, W2NSD, was easily one of the most colorful and controversial characters in ham radio.Read More...


What we need next in the evolution of ham gear

  • 08.12.2013

Improvements in receiver performance have gotten us far in the last decade. What’s next for amateur and ham radio equipment?Read More...


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