Test Cafe

- August 12, 2016

Larry Desjardin provides architectural commentary and business insight on topics related to electronic testing, with a particular focus on modular instrumentation and 5G testing.


Streaming to an Airstream

  • 06.12.2017

Larry Desjardin describes how he extended the range of a distant 4G LTE signal while camping at his Airstream “work desk.” Read More...


Targeting 5G with powerful building blocks

  • 06.04.2017

Larry Desjardin reports on National Instrument’s latest 5G test products, and the modular building block approach behind them. Read More...

National Instruments announces hot products during a cool NIWeek

  • 05.26.2017

Larry Desjardin reports on the latest products from National Instruments at NIWeek, including a new generation of LabView, a new 5G mmWave head, and the fastest FlexRIO modules to date. Read More...


Keysight PXI intro: FPGAs and fast displays

  • 03.31.2017

Keysight’s introduction of 10 PXIe instruments includes the ability to customize FPGAs and display 1,000,000 waveforms per second. Read More...

Are robots a threat to engineers?

  • 03.20.2017

As engineers create ever more sophisticated robots, are they in danger of being replaced themselves? Read More...


PXI turns 20: How long do standards last?

  • 03.07.2017

PXI is going strong 20 years later. Standards can last a long time. Read More...

A cancelled product development – success or failure?

  • 02.16.2017

Larry Desjardin looks at cancelled projects, and says they can sometimes be a success. Read More...


Compiled SCPI: Forerunner to IVI drivers

  • 01.16.2017

25 years ago, Compiled SCPI promised to deliver compatibility and speed to test systems. Today, IVI drivers have that role. Larry Desjardin explains the details. Read More...

Five test and measurement predictions for 2017

  • 01.11.2017

Larry Desjardin makes his “Top 5” prediction of trends in test and measurement for 2017.Read More...

Why do users buy test gear? – Part 4: Maintenance

  • 01.09.2017

In part 4 of this series, Larry Desjardin examines the business and financial aspects of why end users and their employers buy test equipment, with a particular focus on maintenance applications. Read More...

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